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Work flows drive development

of CHARTrunner Lean charting software

“What sets CHARTrunner Lean apart is not its many specific, useful features,” development manager Steve Daum insists. “It’s how the work processes flow within the application.”

CHARTrunner Lean's easy-to-use interface makes creating and viewing your charts simple.In these terms, CHARTrunner Lean offers a newly-reimagined way of thinking of how customers depend on tools such as software. What gives software users joy in using the product? Daum would say that it’s the way that customer needs have been anticipated and built into the product.

Typical work flows for charting and analyzing data may include:

  • Creating charts;
  • Viewing charts;
  • Managing and organizing a list or collection of charts;
  • Navigating, searching, finding charts in a collection.

While customers were once delighted simply by the fact that the calculations and charting processes were done electronically rather than manually, users have become far more sophisticated, knowing exactly what they need to get the most out of software. Among these needs:

  • Controls are available when and where they’re needed;
  • Decreased hierarchy renders flow to the process;
  • Less visual clutter reduces distractions from within the application;
  • Information is closer to the surface and visible at a glance; thumbnails, perhaps, rather than a long navigation journey;
  • Related user interface items are grouped in meaningful ways;
  • Features are more “discoverable” without the need for a detailed reference manual;
  • The entire user interface is easier on the eyes, with carefully selected colors, textures, and animations, to make the experience more pleasant;
  • Common charting mistakes are prevented via smart default settings;
  • Charts are designed to look good and be complete…right from the start rather than after extensive customization.

CHARTrunner Lean's easy-to-use interface makes creating and viewing your charts simple.PQ tech support and sales team members routinely speak with users who spend most of their work day using one of our applications. Feedback and perspective from these users and their experience of “living in” one our products, has been an important inspiration in developing CHARTrunner Lean, and helped us to focus on ways to improve their day-to-day experiences in our software, according to software development manager Steve Daum.

In a culture where we’ve become used to “nanosecond responses” from our phones, networking programs, tweets, IM’s, and even emails, software should deliver calculations and facilitate analysis without barriers such as multiple required clicks to find charts. CHARTrunner Lean responds to this need by rendering the charting and analysis processes quick and painless.

It takes some reimagining in order to make that happen, and CHARTrunner Lean developers have done just that.

>> Learn more about CHARTrunner Lean and download a free trial.
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