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What would Thoreau think?

Faster, more efficient gage management
saves time, money.

When Henry David Thoreau admired the efficiency of new technologies such as the fledgling nineteenth century transcontinental railroad system, little did he know how this value for efficiency would emerge in the fast-paced technology development of the 21st century. Software users have not only become accustomed to enhanced efficiency, but they have come to expect it in the new technology tools that they use. In the interest of this efficiency, measurement systems analysis has evolved quickly from archaic paper-based systems to sophisticated programs such as GAGEpack® to monitor calibration histories and gage inventories.

Efficiency is indeed a hallmark of the newest release of GAGEpack, which has responded to and anticipated customer needs in a rapidly-changing technical environment. “Efficiency” translates into saving resources, including both time and money.

GAGEpack 9.5 is powerful gage calibration software that saves time and enhances accuracy in gage management and measurement systems analysis. It maintains complete histories of measurement devices, instruments, and gages. To ensure timely calibration, the software provides a variety of tools, such as:

  • Calibration schedules and reports
  • Alerts about failed and past due calibrations
  • Gage location and status tracking
  • Gage repair records
  • Audit trail for traceability
  • A Task tab with a To Do list

The program features more efficient drag-and-drop label actions, automatic recording of temperature-humidity USB module (THUM) data, and additional options for visual styles. An improved, flexible To Do list and daily checks for imminent license expiration are among other highlights offered by the newest release.

The To Do list in the newest release indicates items requiring attention for a user-selected period of time. The list can be filtered by action and ordered with a simple click of column headers, and can be sent via email to designated receivers. New columns can be created with just a click to enhance task management and save time. 

If a THUM is connected, GAGEpack will automatically record the temperature and humidity for a new calibration or verification event, providing critical information at one’s fingertips.

GAGEpack 9.5, like its predecessor, is a .NET program, so it will continue to evolve and improve using the newest available technology, according to lead program developer Jeff Aughton. Current users will find the transition to the new release seamless, he adds.  

And with the flexibility and efficiency that GAGEpack offers, users will find themselves, like Thoreau, marveling at the values that this newest technology offers.

>> Learn more about GAGEpack 9.5 enhancements and download a free trial version
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