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Quality Quiz:Professor Cleary
Another quiz from Professor Cleary

Justin Case, Nadha Klu’s assistant, has been returned to the assembly line. The company, Xcelent Xtrusion, manufactures assemblies for its most demanding customer, Zero Defects Company. Justin has noted that one of the fittings on the assembly line is not working properly, and is producing assemblies that may pass inspection, but will eventually fail when they are actually used in the field.

Justin has frequently complained to Nadha Klu about problems on the assembly line, but these complaints have been met with ridicule and have been ignored. He knows that there is a connection between these problems and the ultimate failures of assemblies—but what can he do?  Should he once again take the problem to Nadha, perhaps with more insistence this time, and risk his position at the company?

a) Yes; he owes it to the customer to make sure the process is working.

b) No way; it really isn’t his problem, so he should just go back to work and forget it.


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