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Extracting business value from data

Reader survey

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Data in everyday life

Six Sigma and more

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Welcome to Quality eLine, a monthly newsletter from PQ Systems, developers of software products and training services that help customers demonstrate proof of their quality performance. This newsletter gives you industry news, case studies, and information about product enhancements and tips to enhance your software use.

Extracting business value from data

Collecting data for one purpose often generates a response to other questions—if the data can be accessed.
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Reader survey:
How do you maximize your data?

In this month's issue Steve Daum offers five truisms that will help you derive value from data. Here's a quick survey where you can respond to the question, How do you maximize your data? Take this quick survey, and see results from last month's poll.
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Quality Quiz:Professor Cleary
Another quiz from Professor Cleary—
and last month's winners!

Winners of last month's quiz and a copy of Quality Gamebox are Ken Fish (Standard Register); Pat Kennedy (Organisation-Bridge of Weir); Barbara Key (Day & Zimmermann); Patrick Ma (SKF Australia); and Susan Sanches (Presbyterian Healthcare Services). Congratulations! For this month's quiz, and a chance to win a copy of Quality Gamebox, submit your response by October 28 to be entered in the drawing.
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Data in everyday life:
Teachers' salaries around the world:
Top ten countries

October ushers in World Teacher Day. This chart shows the top nations' salaries for primary-level teachers with 15 years of experience. Send us a data source with your suggestion, and we'll show you how a CHARTrunner chart can clarify information.
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Six Sigma and more: David Schwinn
Competition and common ground

David Schwinn responds to a reader's comments about good and bad competition. It depends on what or whom you're competing against, he acknowledges.
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Bytes and pieces:

  • New 787 released: Boeing has delivered its new 787 to customers who have waited three years since the promised release.

Current versions of software:

To determine the most recent version of your PQ Systems software products (SQCpack, GAGEpack, and CHARTrunner), call us at: (800) 777-5060. A customer care specialist will be pleased to help you. If there are later, more up-to-date versions, we will be able to get you up to speed immediately. You can also go to our website to check version updates at:

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