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Real-time charting means no waiting
for process feedback

Instant messaging, global e-mail access, nearly universal cell phone coverage, 24-hour news programming: we have become accustomed to immediate access to the information we want in nearly every aspect of our lives.

When it comes to process control, the same instant response is often more than an expectation, it is critical. Take, for example, an aircraft part supplier that needs to ensure that the true position of a part is not varying by an unacceptable amount. If the true position drifts too far from the target value and the process change is not caught right away, the liability cost to the company could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When monitoring a process by viewing control charts, it is imperative that the chart is current and that it reflects the most recent process data. A chart from last hour isn’t useful for our aircraft manufacturer, since several bad parts could be produced in an hour’s time.

CHARTrunner software assures that process feedback is instant. The program automatically fetches data from databases such as SQL Server, so every time one looks at a chart, there is no question that it reflects real-time data, providing the advantage of up-to-the-minute process feedback. Automatic refresh intervals can be set to update charts at a desired rate—every 10 seconds, for example.

In addition, manufacturers often need to monitor several attributes of one part. In our example, the aircraft supplier monitors 16 characteristics of this particular part. They also produce hundreds of different types of parts. Monitoring hundreds of characteristics is challenging, so the company needs software that will alert personnel when an out-of-control or out-of-spec condition occurs.

Because CHARTrunner charts are automatically updated whenever data is entered into a database—whether automatically or manually—if an out-of-control point is signaled, immediate action can be taken to investigate that situation. In addition to SQL databases, the program can retrieve data from virtually any source, such as Excel, Access, and Oracle, and clearly present it for process control and capability analysis.

A four-minute video demonstrates the ease of CHARTrunner real-time charting. While you may still have to wait for your breakfast at the local pancake house, or accept a delay in delivery of the new golf gloves you’ve ordered, you won’t have to develop a patient attitude toward your process feedback if you are using CHARTrunner.

In this aspect of your life at least, you can count on immediate service.

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