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Quality Quiz:Professor Cleary
Another quiz from Professor Cleary

Facing the task of securing an assembly for Zero Defects, a critical customer of Xcelent Xtrusion, Nadha Klu is focusing on inspection of the outer dimension (O.D.) of the part as it comes to the end of the line. The O.D., he knows, should be 1.2 millimeters ± .2 millimeters for this part, so he takes a newly acquired micrometer to measure a part as it comes off the assembly line.

The measurement indicates 1.5 millimeters, and Nadha Klu concludes that the entire assembly process is flawed, and that all parts produced will be defective at this dimension. Is this an appropriate conclusion to be taken from the data?

a) Yes - An individual part reflects the entire process, which has produced a defective O.D.

b) No - He is mistaken when he extrapolates from a single measurement.


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