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Cloud computing offers modern
alternative to carrier pigeon

Although the carrier pigeon was declared extinct in 1914, the need to communicate across distances is even more important today – especially when it comes to quality improvement charts and analysis. A software alternative to the pigeon, CHARTrunner-e, offers better speed, reliability, and accuracy without the mess. CHARTrunner-e is built on cloud technology that allows groups of quality professionals, in diverse geographic locations, to share charts and analysis as they collaborate to improve quality.

Multi-site or multi-national organizations often have the need to share quality analysis that is accurate and timely, in order to assure their customers’ requirements are fully met. While communications have been enhanced over time by fax, e-mail, and other “immediate” transmissions of information, it is the internet revolution that has finally made it possible to see Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts and other quality analysis instantly, based on the most current data. SPC, a requirement that is included in current draft versions of ISO 9000:2000, has become a way of life for companies interested in improving the quality of their products and services.

CHARTrunner, a stand-alone product that creates charts from existing databases, can now be deployed as a web server based solution. This allows remote sites access to the benefits of timely SPC charts and analysis. The program retrieves data from other sources, including Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, and Oracle, creates charts from that data, and then makes these charts available for viewing through any standard web browser. CHARTrunner-e, the web server version of the program, allows anyone with a web browser to view charts from remote sites. Now that internet access is widely available – solutions like CHARTrunner-e can deliver broad benefits with less effort.

With both CHARTrunner and CHARTrunner-e, the data remains in native form. No messy data duplication, export/import cycle, or extra data entry is required. With CHARTrunner, “I was able to install the software, connect to my database, and create exactly the display that my customer needed in less than 60 minutes,” says Mac MacDonald, Test Automation Systems Engineer for Agilent Technologies. “Pretty impressive,” he adds. “Any time I want an updated chart, I can get it in seconds.” Categories of data can be displayed as pie charts or bar charts, as well as an extensive selection of other statistical charts, facilitating immediate communication about the data. The CHARTrunner-e installation allows the same process to take place over thousands of miles.  

Using the newest cloud technologies, you can access remote data immediately with CHARTrunner-e—and without the worry that someone might shoot your pigeon on its way.

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