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Quality Quiz:Professor Cleary
Another quiz from Professor Cleary

You just never know what will develop from something that begins as an exercise in using sampling techniques, especially when you put an idea on to simmer and hope that it comes to a full boil. When Russ T. Buckett’s boss, M.T. Pott, heard about Russ’ idea for developing and marketing a new exotic tea product, he was bubbling over with enthusiasm for the idea. Nonetheless, he wanted Russ to test the water, so to speak, to be sure that it represented a hot market for the new product.

“First, let’s name the product in such a way that it will attract customers in the Quincy market,” he suggested. An approach with obvious appeal would be to target current users of Quince Quality Quiche in Quincy, where Quinn Quip had already undertaken several marketing surveys for the quiche crowd. “Tea and quiche—what a pair!” Pott exulted. A key marketing focus would link the two in positive ways. “We’ll call the new product ‘Tea 4-2,’” he declared, believing that the name not only captured the idea of sharing tea with someone else, but also suggested a scientific, up-to-date brew.

Quinn Quip is asked to prepare a market survey of residents of Quincy. “With the two-product target, this will be a complex assessment,” he announced seriously. Giving it some thought, he suggested using a quota sample to secure the desired results.

Given your understanding of sampling techniques, would you say that

a) Quinn’s suggestion fits to a T.

b) His guess is really cold.


>> Watch a more complete video explanation

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