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Quality Quiz:Professor Cleary
Another quiz from Professor Cleary

Russ T. Buckett, Quinn Quip’s boss at Quince Quality Quiche in Quincy, continues to probe for information about the demographics of Quincy in order to enhance the company’s marketing efforts. This time, Russ wants Quinn to sample the residents of Quincy to see how many belong to the Tea Party. He is not so much interested in their voting patterns, but instead hopes that the new exotic tea products developed by Quince will find a new customer base.

Quinn suggests that the best way to gather this information would be with a stratified sample of citizens, based on their political affiliations. He has heard this term and recalls its mention in his statistics class notes as vaguely apropos for this occasion.

a) This is a good idea. The association with tea should be a winner for the company.

b) Russ and Quinn should stick with quiche and stay out of people’s political persuasions.


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