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Quality Quiz:Professor Cleary
Another quiz from Professor Cleary

Russ T. Buckett, Quinn Quip’s boss at Quince’s Quality Quiche in Quincy, has been somewhat impressed—and surprised—by Quinn’s apparent expertise in sampling techniques. Last month, of course, he took a simple random sample of 42 people from Quincy, in order to estimate their average age. Fascinated, Russ asks Quinn if he will also find the average income of Quincy residents—in order to initiate appropriate marketing, he says, though Quinn knows that he’s just curious about salaries.

Quinn looks at the list of sampling techniques, some of which he’s already used, and what seems to be left is a category known as “convenience sampling.” This approach sounds convenient, to say the least, so he decides to undertake convenience sampling to determine average incomes in Quincy. However, the terminology strikes him as somewhat simplistic, so he elaborates slightly to render the expression more scientific-sounding, to impress Russ T. Buckett, calling the method “convenience random sampling.” Russ replies, “I’ve never heard of such a thing.” Is Quinn’s terminology correct?

a) Terminology doesn’t matter, anyway. Quinn will have no problem with this kind of sampling.

b) It is impossible to conduct a genuine convenience random sample, so Russ T. Buckett will undoubtedly be disappointed in Quinn Quip’s statistical prowess.

>> Watch a more complete video explanation

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