Vol. 12, No. 6
June 2010
PQ Systems
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Quality Quiz from Professor Cleary

"A" is correct.

Finally, Quinn has stumbled into the right answer for the question about sampling. Indeed, the correct formula is


Input for Quinn would be:

(In determining sample size, rounding up is the convention, since taking a larger sample would assure greater confidence in the conclusion.)

Quinn Quip reports to Russ T. Buckett that a sample of 42 people in Quincy would assure 99 percent confidence that the sample derived would be within two years of the true average age of those living in Quincy.

It is to be noted that this statement assumes that Quinn has taken a simple random sample. Next month, we’ll look at other sampling possibilities that Quinn could consider.

In the meantime, pleased with himself and his statistical prowess manifested in his correct guess, Quinn is now determined to apply for Black Belt status, since he feels he’s earned it.


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