Vol. 12, No. 6
June 2010
PQ Systems
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Bytes and Pieces:

  • Don Berwick, MD, president and CEO of IHI (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) has been nominated to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human Services (CMS). Read more.
  • The next few months will offer a number of training opportunities related to using GAGEpack (July 28-29), SQCpack (August 10, 11, 12) and CHARTrunner (September 23).
    Read more
  • ‘Flash crash’ reviewed: The May 6 sudden drop in stock prices and a decline of 1000 points in the Dow Jones average has experts trying to come up with rules to avoid future market plunges, turning from blame, to prevention efforts. Read more.



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