Vol. 12, No. 2
February 2010
PQ Systems
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Quality Quiz from Professor Cleary

Quinn Quip is quality manager for Quince’s Quality Quiche located in the quiet quarter of commercial Quincy. Quince’s provides quality quiche to restaurants and other outlets throughout the world, but Quinn is especially interested in determining the percentage of local outlets that depend on Quince’s Quality Quiche.

Quinn surveys all the restaurants, hotels, bakeries, and cafes, as well as private residents, in Quincy. He finds that 50 out of a random sample of 100 outlets actually order quiche from Quince’s, and he quickly reports with smug assurance to Quince’s president that the company can be sure that 50 percent of these outlets, plus or minus 2 percent, can be counted on to use the company’s product.

Should Quinn Quip be promoted to quality king for Quince’s Quality Quiche, or should he just quit?

a) he’s right, and deserves some praise, if not a promotion;

b) he’s wrong, but might be able to learn.


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