Vol. 11, No. 2

February 2009

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Program manages complex email alerts,
remote entry of gage records

GAGEmail, a new support program that manages all alerts and simplifies responses, is part of GAGEpack 8.5 to be released this month. Simplifying even the most complex email requirements, GAGEmail runs independently of GAGEpack to deal with all email requests for a selected database, saving time and improving accuracy by reducing complexity.

Among other key features in the latest version of this popular program are GAGEpack Remote, which allows calibration results to be entered into gage records from remote sources (such as a roaming laptop), and GAGEpack Calibration Wizard. This wizard walks even new users through the five-step calibration process, from generating due-for-calibration reports to creating calibration certificates, quickly and efficiently.

These are among a number of features in this easy-to-use program for measurement systems analysis. Don Wheeler’s “honest gage R&R study” results are now included in basic R&R study results in the program, for example, and templates allow a set of parts to be saved from selected lists, so they can be loaded for other gages instantly. For both attributes worksheets and R&R worksheets, users have the capability of editing the reports.

Expanded reports, simplified forms, and new options for destructive testing results render GAGEpack 8.5 even more flexible and user-friendly for a number of desired outcomes.

Those who will find GAGEmail especially useful in managing alerts are those with complex email alerts and organizations that are large or multi-sited. GAGEpack itself retains its existing email functionality for those with less complex demands.

Calibration lab manager and PQ Systems customer Bob Robb spends one week each month on the road visiting 3 to 5 customer locations to calibrate their gages in-house. He originally had GAGEpack on his laptop and took it with him on his week-long monthly trip. In his absence, calibration work at the lab virtually came to a stand still. Any work done had to be recorded and entered at a later date.

Now Bob uses the Calibration wizard in GAGEpack on the lab’s desktop computer to create a Calibration information transfer file for each customer. He then transfers the files to his laptop and takes that with him on his customer visits. At each customer site, Bob runs the file (GAGEpack not required) and records the calibration results.

When Bob Robb returns to the lab, he transfers the files back to the lab computer, starts GAGEpack, opens the calibration wizard, and transfers the information into the database. GAGEpack is available to the lab at all times, and Bob Robb is free to travel as required to do customer calibrations on-site.

To learn more about GAGEpack and to download a free trial of the newest release when it becomes available later this month, go to http://www.pqsystems.com/products/gage/GAGEpack/GAGEpack.php


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