Vol. 11, No. 1

January 2009

PQ Systems

Quality brain workout

Dumping control chart data into handy ‘containers’

Quality Quiz: With a video!

Data in everyday life

DOE with Jackie Graham

Bytes and pieces

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Quality brain workout:
Marty Graw and company now available on DVD

If you’ve enjoyed meeting Jack D. Ripper, Awana Gohome, and the other sometimes-bumbling quality professionals who inhabit Professor Cleary’s monthly quizzes, here’s your chance to review some of the best of these columns, to expand your understanding of key statistical concepts, and to clarify the next steps in your improvement efforts.

Quality Quiz ClassicsA new DVD collection of quizzes that have appeared in Quality eLine, entitled Quality Quiz Classics, organizes published quizzes around central concepts: descriptive statistics, capability analysis, control charts, etc. The quizzes introduce statistical concepts by showing them in action—perhaps with a hapless subject who uses the wrong chart for the data that he or she wants to analyze—and in conjunction with other tools for process improvement.

Among the characters you’ll meet in Quality Quiz Classics are

  • Marge Orrine, who takes on central location and kurtosis;
  • Marty Graw, discovering capability analysis;
  • Natural Butter Company boss Jack D. Ripper;
  • The indomitable duo Marsha Mallow and Maura Thesame;
  • Smug statistical expert Phillip D. Tank and his colleague Hammond Eggs;
  • Former litter control technician Allie Katt;
  • Consultant Awana Gohome.

Corny? Yes. Instructive? You bet. Sometimes watching others struggle with concepts supports one’s own learning, and on this basis, your understanding of these concepts will be enhanced immeasurably. Each quiz is accompanied by video explanation or instruction that will support learning about specific statistical tools.

For more information about Quality Quiz Classics, visit the PQ Systems' web store.


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