Vol. 10, No. 12

December 2008

PQ Systems

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Am I dreaming?
24-hour tech support, concurrent license with SQCpack

PQ Systems’ legendary technical support is extended to a 24-hour live online chat feature that will answer questions about SQCpack faster and easier. Utilizing PQ Systems’ worldwide network of offices, a click of a button will elicit an immediate response via instant messaging. PQ Systems has never outsourced technical support; customers are always in touch with one of our skilled analysts, both via e-mail and in telephone contacts.

So you want to use SQCpack on your own computer, and offer the opportunity to use the software to someone else, but you have only one license? An option for concurrent use licensing ushers in a new approach to the use of SQCpack EZ from PQ Systems, Inc., in its latest release. This “floating license” allows installation on multiple computers, with use limited only by the license itself. Other new features include a “chart clone” and access to live online chats with PQ Systems’ technical support engineers.

SQCpack, developed by statisticians at PQ Systems, Inc. and continuously improved over the last 25 years, is among the world’s most popular and enduring SPC software programs. It is known for its ease-of-use, as well as its flexibility in customizing formats, identifiers, notes, fonts, etc.

The new license agreement will offer more users access to the program in an affordable format, help eliminate burdens for IT staff, and simplify license management. Available in increments as small as two, the option allows users to install SQCpack on an unlimited number of computers, terminal servers, or Citrix servers.

A chart clone feature saves time by allowing users to set up charts exactly the way they want them, and then to use these as templates, eliminating the need to manually change all charts by transferring settings from a template to all other charts of the same type.

For information about additional features in SQCpack or about maintenance agreements for this and other products, consult PQ Systems at www.pqsystems.com or call 800-777-3020.

PQ Systems, Inc. offers a comprehensive network of products and services designed to improve quality, productivity, and competitive position for all industries. Its software products include the best-selling SQCpack. For more information about GAGEpack EZ or any other PQ Systems software product, call 800-777-3020 or visit PQ Systems’ web site, www.pqsystems.com.


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