Vol. 10, No. 11

November 2008

PQ Systems

Quality improvement in schools

Quality Quiz: With a video!

Data in everyday life

Six Sigma

Design of experiments

Bytes and pieces

FYI: Current releases

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Welcome to Quality eLine, a monthly newsletter from PQ Systems, Inc., developers of software products and training services that help organizations improve their processes and products and achieve compliance to standards. This newsletter gives you industry news, case studies, and information about product enhancements and tips to enhance your software use.

‘PQ Systems? Fancy meeting you here:’
Quality improvement in schools

You may think you’re familiar with PQ Systems and its products... but did you know that you can find us in schools as well as in hospitals and plants? Read more.

Quality Quiz:
Another quiz from Professor Cleary—and last
month’s winners!

Winners of last month's quiz and a copy of Quality Gamebox are: Nathan Fischer (Multisorb Technologies); Carl Jacker (Action Machined Products, Inc.); Christopher Nance (H&R Block); Bruce Stark (Clorox); Mary Woolley (Cariten Health). Congratulations! For this month's quiz, and a chance to win a copy of the popular Quality Gamebox program, go to Quality Quiz. Submit your response by November 24 to be entered in the drawing.

Data in everyday life:
How many times a week do you cook dinner?

November is here, and so is that all-time cooking bonanza that takes place on Thanksgiving for most families. Other than holidays, do you cook dinner each night? CHARTrunner charts survey data that may surprise you. See chart.

Six Sigma and more:
Who can motivate people in their work?

David Schwinn defines “positive motivation,” based on reflections from his experience. Read more.

Design of experiments:
Improving processes with experimental design

In the first of a series on design of experiments, Jackie Graham introduces terminology and rationale. Read more.

Bytes and Pieces:

  • Keeping automated machinery simple: Increasingly capable computers and software, as well as digital networks, have simplified demands for cumbersome mechanical hardware. Read more.
  • Protecting R&D in biomedical research: A new national quality standard has been proposed to assure safe practices in pharmaceutical research. Read more.
  • Children’s book: ASQ Quality Press will release Claire Anne and the Talking Hat, a children’s book that introduces quality tools to the learning process, at the National Quality in Education Conference. Author is Barbara Cleary (editor of Quality eLine). Read more.
  • Healthcare conference: Donald Berwick, MD, will be among keynote speakers for the 20th annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care, set for Dec. 8-11 in Nashville. Visit PQ Systems in booth #401. Read more.

Current versions of software:

To determine the most recent version of PQ Systems' primary software products, check Help > PQ Systems on the web > Check for updates on your program (for SQCpack, GAGEpack, and CHARTrunner). To review current maintenance downloads and version numbers for all PQ Systems software, go to: http://www.pqsystems.com/support/SoftwareUpdates.php


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