Vol. 10, No. 9

September 2008

PQ Systems

CHARTrunner's concurrent license

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CHARTrunnerCHARTrunner’s concurrent license
Making multiple use easy

If you’ve been waiting for a concurrent license agreement for CHARTrunner, your wait is nearly over.

An option for concurrent use licensing ushers in a new approach to the use of CHARTrunner in its latest release. This “floating license” allows installation on multiple computers, with use limited only by the license itself.

CHARTrunner, developed by statisticians at PQ, reads data that resides in Access, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, and virtually all other data sources and instantly creates SPC charts, making data immediately available for analysis and supporting Six Sigma efforts as well as conformity to standards.

The new license agreement will specify the number of concurrent users at a given site (e.g., 5, 10, etc.). The software can be installed on a virtually unlimited number of computers, and use will be restricted only to the number specified by the license agreement. Among other features of the just-released upgrade are “instant messaging” for immediate access to technical support, and quick and easy changing of working folders, including improved drop-down lists of recent folders. Context-sensitive help is enhanced by clear green question mark buttons that take the user to existing help or advisor topics.

In CHARTrunner, charts are always fresh, since CHARTrunner links to current data. Dashboards display data in easy-to-understand formats. The program facilitates data mining, to bring specific business processes into focus, and since data resides in its familiar native format, the user avoids complex importing or repetitive data entry.

Customer satisfaction has catapulted CHARTrunner sales since its first release nearly a decade ago. Mike Farnam, quality assurance manager at Unilever, for example, says that CHARTrunner has “eliminated the tedium of copying and pasting imprisoned data.” P. Mardi Atkins, BSN, MPA, CPHO, Cleveland Clinic Health System says, “CHARTrunner is very user friendly. You can put your data in Excel or Access and you don't have to copy it into CHARTrunner. I like the fact that every time I open a chart it is automatically updated."
For more information about CHARTrunner, visit the CHARTrunner web site, http://www.chartrunner.com.


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