Vol. 10, No. 7

July 2008

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Waiting to hear from you:
PQ Systems wants to know

Like everyone else, PQ Systems loves to get positive feedback from customers. We share these messages with our employees and even other customers, patting ourselves on the back for a job well done. You’ll see some of these testimonials on our website—clear evidence of how much they mean to us.

But we know that not everyone is 100% satisfied, and hearing only the positive is not necessarily the best way to improve.

Like the lonely Maytag repairman, we sometimes wonder where the rest of our customers are. We don’t assume that because we’re not hearing from them, they are truly satisfied with our products and services—but we don’t really know what they’re thinking.

If, like our customers, we see ourselves as a good company striving to be better, we need to know where we stand with those who buy our products and use our services. Or those who no longer use our products but remain on our customer list because we don’t know this. Or those who think of a potential new feature for a software program, but haven’t shared it with us. And of course, those who have been overlooked or slighted in any way.

Naturally, we have systems in place to respond to problems, whenever we hear about them. Customers can call our toll-free hotline or email us to report “hiccups” or to offer suggestions for future features. All suggestions via phone calls, voice messages, and emails become part of a large database that helps us improve. Our website offers ways to secure new updates of software hassle-free. Our maintenance agreements assure customers that they are eligible to have the most current version of our products, as well as access to technical support when they need it.

PQ Systems’ technical support team prides itself on answering 90 percent of incoming calls immediately, and on responding to every customer’s needs. They chart response times, race to answer incoming calls, and check email continually. And yet these efforts are not enough to assure that we’ve responded to customers in the ways they expect. If you have sent an e-mail and never heard back, we apologize. Perhaps our mail filter diverted it. You should expect a call or e-mail reply from us.

If you’ve drifted away from our products or have had inadequate responses from any of our customer support personnel, sales personnel, or others, we’d like to hear from you. We won’t twist your arm to bring you back to the family; we just want to know what we did wrong, in order to assure that we understand. Perhaps you were not made aware that we have a solution for you. Also, if you want to let us know when we “did ya right,” we’d like to hear that too.

Like the host of a late-night call-in show, we’re listening...

Contact us:

Michael J. Cleary (President, PQ Systems) mikec@pqsystems.com
Matthew Savage (Technical support manager) matts@pqsystems.com

Sales: sales@pqsystems.com
Support: support@pqsystems.com

Phone: 800-777-3020 or 937-813-4700
Address: 210 B East Spring Valley Road, Dayton, OH 45458


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