Vol. 10, No. 5

May 2008

PQ Systems

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Data in everyday life

Six Sigma

Bytes and pieces

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Bytes and Pieces:

  • Health care seminars: The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is offering a number of opportunities for training during June, including “Delivering Safe and Optimal Care through Effective Teamwork and Communication,” “Applying Queuing Theory to Healthcare,” and “Achieving the Triple Aim... Excellent Health, Ideal Care, and Controlled Costs.” Read more.
  • ASQ Certification: ASQ has announced that its exam for Certified Calibration Technicians can now be proctored on military bases. For more information, visit here and here.
  • Educational release: Thinking Tools for Kids: An Activity Book for Classroom Learning has been released in a revised edition, with additional material related to using data folders in the classroom. Read more.
  • Quality in China: With regular news emanating from China related to poisoned pet food, tainted toothpaste, and dangerous toys, it’s clear that quality professionals bear some responsibility. Read more.


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