Vol. 10, No. 5

May 2008

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Reduce quality costs by thousands with new monitoring product

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Reduce quality costs by thousands with new monitoring product

Organizations facing the repetitive work of reviewing control charts can eliminate that task with CHARTrunner-m.

Like a guard dog, CHARTrunner-m keeps watch over processes and when there is a reason to respond—an out-of-control process, perhaps—alerts the appropriate employee to determine a course of action. If most of your control charts are in control, this will save you hours of labor and streamline the process of identifying out-of-control and out-of-spec situations. This will allow quality professionals to actually follow more control charts with a corresponding decrease in costs.

This companion product to CHARTrunner will be released in late 2008. CHARTrunner-m is its working name.

With a traditional control chart, an operator typically enters data, updates the chart, evaluates the chart, and takes required action as necessary. With CHARTrunner-m, the control charts can be thought of as virtual. The traditional steps will still occur; they will, however, happen in the background. Like the guard dog trained to bark only when danger approaches, CHARTrunner-m notifies an operator or other user by email or text message only when predefined statistical signals are triggered.

The application is divided into two sections, administrative and services. The administrative section is used to set up and configure data streams and control charts that a user wishes to monitor on a regular basis. The services section consists of background programs that do the work of monitoring and responding.

If you regularly track 25 or more control charts, CHARTrunner-m can reduce your costs while at the same time increasing your awareness of out-of-control situations. To learn more about CHARTrunner-m, visit this product preview blog. For a quick comparison of CHARTrunner-m monitoring to traditional control charting, take a look at the following diagram.

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