Vol. 9, No. 12

December 2007

PQ Systems

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Data in everyday life

MSA with Jackie Graham

Bytes and pieces

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Bytes and Pieces:

  • Learning from the world’s schools: Ohio is the first state to use an analysis of the best-performing nations as a benchmark for its own academic policies. But it’s certainly not the only state or school district that’s looking beyond domestic borders to gauge how well it is doing. Learn more.
  • Nonprofits earn Baldrige recognition: In the first year of a new category, two nonprofits and two healthcare organizations have been recognized with the Baldrige Award. Learn more.
  • Improvement methods that are advanced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement include a system for improvement, appropriate measures, tools, and other approaches. Learn more.
  • Measures assessing care for AIDS/HIV patients announced: These measures provide an assessment of how well individual providers and health systems care for patients with HIV/AIDS. Learn more.


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