Vol. 9, No. 10

October 2007

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New 2008 training schedule

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New 2008 training schedule offer flexibility in learning

With more than a dozen regularly-scheduled seminars designed to support learning about SPC, gage management and R&R, and charting, PQ Systems’ commitment to ongoing professional development is clear. And a newly-released schedule of training opportunities for the first half of 2008 renders this professional development even more flexible and accessible.

Two-day training sessions offer in-depth support for understanding and using software products, while a number of one-day seminars and even shorter webinars make software training accessible for busy professionals. A variety of formats gives participants choices about how much time to invest in advancing their knowledge. Seminar learning content may include new ways to get the most from the software, tips for using the applications, step-by-step approaches to creating charts for sharing, or customized support for specific needs.

Even those who are familiar with the software say they benefit from seminar participation. Bill Crosser, Defiance Metal, had used GAGEpack for nearly a year and was familiar with the software and its operation. Nonetheless, he was surprised to find unique changes in the newest version of the software that helped in his application. The seminar also introduced him to features that had been overlooked in his own training, and inspired conversations among participants that shed light on the use of the program. “I found a diverse crowd of people from many different manufacturing types and each was able to use GAGEpack to their advantage in a different way from the way I use it.” By bringing data from his workplace, he found that the seminar leader was able to combine this data with results from the reports. “Now I will have a little better understanding of why I am getting the results and what process changes I will have to implement to improve them,” he says.

In addition to GAGEpack training, training seminars are available for understanding capability, easy SPC charting with SQCpack EZ, process improvement with CHARTrunner, and others. Seminars offer a hands-on approach, with computers to maximize learning retention with a “learn by doing” opportunity. Those who bring data to the seminars will find time to work with that data with consultants ready to answer questions or help with analysis.

Janet Montz, OCI Chemical, agrees that the seminar training was worth the investment for her. “All the little tips and familiarity I gained in the class save me over 30 hours each month. Also, I am able to generate other charts with confidence and in no time at all. Instead of messing with Excel, I simply load up SQCpack and away I go!”

In addition to the scheduled training dates, in-house or on-site training is available for organizations who want to take advantage of an opportunity to train several employees or even shifts without sending them to an off-site location.

For more information about upcoming seminar dates, visit the PQ Systems website at www.pqsystems.com/services/training.php (US), www.pqsystems.com.au/services/training.php (AU and IN), and www.pqsystems.co.uk/services/training.php (UK) for an overview, specific schedules, and supporting materials that are available.


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