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September 2007

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New summary reporting, chart review make analysis easy with SQCpack release

An upcoming release of SQCpack, a stand-alone tool for general statistical process control (SPC) charting and analysis, adds out-of-control summary reporting, powerful chart review features, and automatic assisted process capability interpretation. Customers with SQCpack maintenance agreements will receive the new release as part of that package.

Chart review allows a user to quickly browse through collections of charts for key quality metrics. By eliminating many navigation steps, chart review focuses attention on important signals from the charts. Out-of-control summary presents a list of charts sorted by the number of out-of-control signals. This allows the user to concentrate only on the charts that need urgent attention and results in significant time savings.

Process capability studies can be confusing and difficult to interpret. The new Cpk Advisor summary allows the user to read a text-based interpretation of any capability study. This is valuable both as a training tool and as a time savings measure when doing capability studies.

PQ Systems is an industry leader in process control and data analysis software. Its products help customers meet ISO and other standards, compete for Baldrige recognition, pursue Six Sigma efforts, and improve quality. SQCpack has been among the best selling statistical process analysis software programs since its launch in 1984, and has benefited from user feedback to provide features relevant to manufacturing, service, and healthcare environments.

Click here to download a 30-day trial of the new release of SQCpack.


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