Vol. 9, No. 8

August 2007

PQ Systems

Fun and games—with statistics?

Quality Quiz: With a video!

Data in everyday life

MSA with Jackie Graham

Bytes and pieces

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Quality Quiz:

Polly Yurathane, our intrepid quality technician, is amazed to see her formerly binomial distribution suddenly become a trinomial distribution, and has tried to come up with an explanation for her boss.

Polly comes to the conclusion that taking many samples of the size two (n=2) and averaging these samples can cause four things:

The sample could contain two values from the left side of that population (L/L)

The first value of the sample of two could come from the left side, and the second from the right (L/R)

The first value of the sample could come from the right side and the second from the left (R/L).

Both values could be from the right side (R/R).

Is this analysis correct?

a) Yes.

b) No.

Click here for a more complete video explanation

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