Vol. 9, No. 7

July 2007

PQ Systems

Recalculating control limits

Quality Quiz: With a video!

Data in everyday life

Six Sigma

Bytes and pieces

FYI: Current releases

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Welcome to Quality eLine, a monthly newsletter from PQ Systems, Inc., developers of software products and training services that help organizations improve their processes and products and achieve compliance to standards. This newsletter gives you industry news, case studies, and information about product enhancements and tips to enhance your software use.

In this issue you will find:

  • Not engraved in stone: Recalculating control limits.
  • Quality Quiz: Another quiz from Professor Cleary­­--and last month’s winners! Plus, watch for video to support quiz.
  • Data in everyday life: Who eats ice cream, and how much?
  • Bytes and pieces: Customer satisfaction, improving patient comfort, measurement alignment, CMM conference.
  • Six Sigma and more with David Schwinn: Late authors told the truth.
  • FYI: How to check current version numbers and maintenance releases

Not engraved in stone:
Recalculating control limits

Two healthcare organizations share their experiences related to knowing when to recalculate control limits. Read More.

Quality Quiz:
Another quiz from Professor Cleary—and last month’s winners!

Winners of last month's quiz and a copy of Quality Gamebox are Kathie Gilbert (Western New Mexico University); Barrie Lowe (Fruit of the Loom); Cathy Mansfield (Lyle Industries); Brad Moore (White Electronic Designs); and Peggy Riepen (Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati).Congratulations! For this month's quiz, and a chance to win a copy of the popular Quality Gamebox program, go to Quality Quiz. Submit your response by July 27 to be entered in the drawing.

Data in everyday life:
Who eats ice cream, and how much?

Every Friday during the summer, we at PQ Systems eat ice cream in the afternoon. So do other people, apparently, as this data charted by CHARTrunner indicates. According to USDA, per capita ice cream consumption peaked at 23 pounds in 1946. People celebrated the World War II victory and sugar rationing was lifted. Per capita consumption from 1949 through 1987 was relatively constant. Since 1988, U.S. consumers have generally eaten less ice cream overall. They have also shifted to ice cream with higher milkfat and higher price, in addition to frozen yogurt and other dairy products from the freezer. See chart.

Six Sigma and more:
Truth telling

David reflects on the lives of two authors who recently died. What made their messages resonate was their essential commitment to truth. Read More.

Bytes and Pieces:

  • Customer satisfaction continues to grow, but at a much slower rate, survey shows: Read more.
  • Reducing pressure ulcers (bedsores) is among goals of healthcare initiative: Read more.
  • Laser scanning helps to assure measurement alignment. Read more.
  • Coordinate measurements conference is slated for July 16-20 in Reno. Read more.

Current versions of software:

To determine the most recent version of PQ Systems' primary software products, check Help/PQ on the web/check for updates on your program (for SQCpack, GAGEpack, and CHARTrunner). To review current maintenance downloads and version numbers for all PQ Systems software, go to: http://www.pqsystems.com/support/SoftwareUpdates.php


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