Vol. 9, No. 6

June 2007

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Data in everyday life

MSA with Jackie Graham

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Quality Quiz:

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Last month, Polly Yurathane tried to bluff her way past Emily Dickinson, her poetic but hard-driving boss at Blackern Dirt Mining Company. After that statistical snafu, Emily finds herself in the process of composing an eloquent termination poem to send to Polly and has asked Hy O. Pinyon to take on Polly’s responsibilities until her position can be filled on a permanent basis.

With his eye on that position, Hy has enrolled in a basic statistics course at Dumbed Down College. His professor is Dr. Stan Deviation, who has patiently borne the burden of an endless parade of employees from Blackern Dirt questing for understanding.

When the class reaches the concept of central limit theorem, Hy is certain that the unit should be in his physics class, not statistics. As he announces to Emily, he believes that the theorem was first proved by Albert Einstein in his study of relativity. “It’s part of that E=MC 2 stuff,” he reports.

What is the connection between the central limit theorem and Einstein, anyway?

a) Unknown to many, Einstein is indeed the father of the theoretical basis for this theorem.

b) Hy may as well pack his bags if he expects that his erroneous assertion will impress his boss.


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