Vol. 9, No. 4

April 2007

PQ Systems

Tidying up the control chart

Quality Quiz: With a video!

MSA with Jackie Graham

Data in everyday life

Bytes and pieces

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Bytes and Pieces:
Safe prescriptions, helping suppliers,
using SOPs for improvement.

  • Safe prescriptions: Medication safety remains a top goal for health care, and has emerged as a National Patient Safety Goal, according to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Read more.
  • Helping suppliers: Daimler-Chrysler’s quality assurance and audit teams lend suppliers their expertise. Read more.
  • SOPs improve quality: In FDA and ISO environments, the concept of quality is made tangible by the information and processes captured in standard operating procedures (SOPs), and correct implementation helps ensure quality. Read more.
  • Effective Use and Misuse of Cpk: Matthew J. Savage will present "Effective Use and Misuse of Cpk" at the Manufacturing & Measurement Conference on April 24, 2007 in Clearwater, FL. Read more.



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