Vol. 9, No. 2

February 2007

PQ Systems

Analyze wear trend, customize icons in GAGEpack

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Analyze wear trend, customize icons in GAGEpack release

Measurement systems analysis has come a long way since the days of manual records on 3 X 5 cards, and new features in GAGEpack provide a clear example of the ways in which this is true. Based on changing customer needs, these features render analysis easy and accurate in ways that earlier systems could never do. The improvements allow for less-frequent calibration, thereby saving resources.

Among enhancements are wear trend analysis, due date treatment by individual gage rather than by database, and a customizable toolbar. Customers with current maintenance agreements will receive the new release as part of that arrangement.

Wear-trend analysis is the latest tool developed to analyze gage wear by predicting when a gage will go out of calibration. With this information, one can avoid using gages likely to fail the next calibration, lengthen the calibration period for gages not likely to fail, and make better and more cost effective decisions in gage management.

Wear-trend analysis can be performed on any gage that has sufficient calibration results, according to Jeff Aughton, project manager for GAGEpack. Chart preference allows a user to select the last three to ten calibrations for the analysis. Calculations are performed and reported for every calibration step defined for the gage. Predicted times for steps to go out of calibration are made for time periods of less than ten years, and the closest to today’s date is pointed out. GAGEpack will display a chart indicating which step is most likely to go out of calibration first (the “worst” step).

“This feature gives vital information that helps a user anticipate calibration needs soon enough to take action,” Aughton says.

Enhanced customization potential gives users even greater control over the ways in which GAGEpack is used. Icons are available to support customization of the toolbar; a user has total control over which ones appear, and the order in which they appear. Custom queries have been added to the “Import GAGEpack objects” dialogue box as well.

A “stop the clock” function for checked-in gages has been available in GAGEpack at the database level. This functionality has been moved to the individual gage level, eliminating the need for accessing separate databases, and streamlining the process of gage management. GAGEpack will support more than 50 types of barcode, including all the popular formats (EAN, UPC, Code-128, etc.).

Upgrades of GAGEpack and other PQ Systems software products are offered on a regular basis. This investment in maintenance agreements assures timely receipt of these upgrades, provided seamlessly as they are released. “Maintenance is the best way to assure up-to-the-minute releases and to access technical support for those releases,” says Aughton.

Calendar can be customized with photo preference or without this graphic inserted.

For information about additional features in GAGEpack 7.5 or about maintenance agreements for this and other products, consult PQ Systems at www.pqsystems.com or call 800-777-3020.


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