Vol. 9, No. 01

January 2007

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Quality Quiz:

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Although there have been no reports from former quality manager Kohl Minor and his boss, Hal Zangels, now working in Hunan, China, many wonder about their abrupt departure from the company. Polly Yurathane, new quality manager for Blackern Dirt Mining Company, has demonstrated her prowess with statistical analysis and has secured the confidence of her boss, Hyde N. Sikh with her analysis of the t value.

Studying the multiple regression model on which she had based her analysis, Polly tries to think of ways that she can simplify the analysis for Mr. Sikh.

Since Hyde still fails to understand the printout, Polly writes the following equation on her white board, prepared to provide deeper instruction to her boss:

This time, Hyde asks about the F value. Confident of her statistical skills, she responds that it will be necessary to pursue hypothesis testing in order to understand the F value.

Is she right about this course of action?

a) Yes, but if she continues to prove Hyde N. Sikh incompetent, she better look for another job;

b) No. Her job is safe, but she needs to go back to the stat book to understand this question.

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