Vol. 9, No. 01

January 2007

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Click for Capability Help:
Cpk Advisor gives free support

Learning to apply capability analysis, a critical tool for process improvement, can seem like a challenge to those with limited statistical backgrounds, but that challenge can be overcome quickly with "Cpk Advisor," a free, on-line service designed to expand understanding of this vital tool. The Advisor is available through PQ Systems, Inc.

Those who may be confused about how to compute Cpk or how to tell the difference between Cpk and Ppk, or those who are simply in need of a quick calculation of Cpk, can find answers at this website. Cpk Advisor will help to restore confidence in capability analysis while enhancing learning. And during the learning process, it will compute Cpk instantly, without the need to learn complicated formulas. Cpk Advisor is a web page dedicated to enhancing learning about capability analysis. It has a built-in capability calculator and links to learning material related to this analysis. And it's free.

After specifications and data have been entered, the page will compute and display Cpk, Ppk, and the mean of the data, with just a click on "Compute the results." The page offers links to valuable articles that will support learning about capability. If the data resides in a column of an Excel sheet, it can be copied and pasted into the data section on the Cpk Advisor page. Answers are available not only on the screen, but in a printer-friendly format as well.

While anyone can use the Cpk Advisor, registered users will have access to a more detailed study, providing a text-based analysis of the data and what it means with respect to process capability. This feature is a great learning tool; it can be used with different data sets, just to gain knowledge about what the Cpk statistic really means in a variety of situations.

The website is http://www.qualityadvisor.com/cpkadvisor/. It can be accessed indefinitely for help with capability. To register for the additional analysis that is available, simply click on “Register,” on the website.

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