Vol. 8, No. 6

June 2006

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In-depth on dashboards

Quality Quiz: With a video!

Six Sigma

Data in everyday life

Bytes and pieces

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Quality Quiz:

Click here for a more complete video explanation

Walker Runn, quality manager for Color in a Can paint manufacturing company, wants to compare outputs of three of the company's facilities. In addition, he's interested in comparisons of day shift and night shift outputs. He gathers this data set:

Entering this data into DOEpack EZ, a program that supports analysis of variance (ANOVA), he produces the following chart:

Walker Runn stares thoughtfully and cluelessly at the printout, then decides to enter it into the PowerPoint presentation he is preparing for the plant manager. Of course, this presentation generates questions, notably from Dan Druff, a vice president for the color processing. "What is the significance of a p-value of <0.001 for shift?" he asks.

Walker Runn says this is the probability that the day shift and night shift output is basically the same.

Is Walker on target with his analysis in this case?

a) Yes

b) No

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