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May 2006

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GAGEpack EZ release
Catalogue puts gages at your fingertips

A new release of GAGEpack EZ, with enhanced email capabilities and a visual catalogue system for gages, offers enhanced capabilities for meeting customers' measurement systems requirements and conforming to standards. The program can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial from PQ Systems' web site: www.pqsystems.com

The visual catalogue, replacing numerical lists of gage inventories, not only makes it easy to track each gage but also diminishes the chance for error in gage records. "What you see is what you get, " says lead GAGEpack EZ developer Jeff Aughton. Photos of gages and calibrating equipment help to immediately identify each device and provide access to gage information.

GAGEpack EZ manages a list of parts, and each gage can be associated with any number of such parts. With so many report requirements now based on parts, this feature gives quick access to gage information. Easy to access, the information is displayed from a tab on the gage edit form.

Changing requirements that demand frequent e-mailing of reports are easily met, since GAGEpack EZ stores email addresses for all users, and each gage now has a new 'EmailTo' field to store the name of a user who is regarded as the "owner" of that gage. With an email icon, messages can be sent on command to users, listing gages that are past due or due shortly for calibration.

Other significant new features in GAGEpack EZ include calendar filters to control which gages and due dates are displayed; the ability to select multiple gages from the list, so several gages can be simultaneously deleted, checked in, etc.; management statistics; new customized options, including gage list colors; and custom queries that include Update as well as Select--a feature available to supervisors only. Groups of gages used for a particular part can be checked in and out as a group in the new program.

GAGEpack EZ is a powerful program that helps users manage complete histories of measurement devices, instruments, and gages. It allows a customer to create, sort, and update individual or groups of gage records.

GAGEpack EZ can help organizations conform to ISO 9000 section 4.11, ISO 9001, TS 16493, QS-9000, and other critical calibration standards. Historical calibration records of inspection, measuring, and test equipment are collected and retrieved easily in order to generate accurate and effective reports.

Other features found in GAGEpack EZ include linking to calibration, maintenance, and R&R procedure files and the ability to set custom validation criteria, in order to ensure compliance with standards such as ISO 9000. Custom queries, advance search, and gage list filters allow the user to zero in on specific gages, and columns within the gage list can be sorted simply by clicking a header. The program offers user security and audit trails as well.

PQ Systems, Inc. offers a comprehensive network of products and services designed to improve quality, productivity, and competitive position for all industries. Its software products include the best-selling SQCpack.

UK GAGEpack webinar: To see a preview of the new release and learn an easy, foolproof method for managing your gauges, register for the 90-minute webinar “Easy Gauge Tracking” on 8 June 2006.
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For more information about GAGEpack EZ or any other PQ Systems software product, call 800-777-3020 or visit the PQ Systems website: www.pqsystems.com

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