Vol. 8, No. 2

February 2006

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Document management made easy
New Quality Workbench at your service

An entry level document management software that knows no limits: What could be better? Quality Workbench is just such a program. Designed in modular format, units can be added as need demands, without a dramatic up-front investment, and document management can be brought under control with even the standard module. The latest release brings new, enhanced functionality to the standard application without additional cost.

Document management represents a mounting challenge to many organizations, with confusion about various versions of critical documents, storage challenges, and personnel changes that may contribute to losing track of document locations. Quality Workbench addresses this challenge, assuaging concerns about audits or loss of data through a sophisticated module system for document control, system audits, customer care, and other needs.

Enhancements to the tried-and-true Quality Workbench include improved database management with Interbase 7, which can support single-file databases of effectively unlimited size. Administration of very large databases will be even easier. Enhanced Alerting means that users will be automatically informed when a task becomes due, and external mail messages can be easily forwarded. In addition, the user interface has a new Windows 2000 look and feel, according to product manager Joe Paulos, with configurable backdrop screen, speed buttons for common functions, and a fully resizable window. "Users are going to like these changes," he says, since they make tasks smoother and faster. With four dozen new enhancements, customers will find improvement in every area of the program.

Improvements are also found in the document management process, with enhanced Document Review and Document Display as well as a host of other changes that make the program easy to use. Audits are enhanced with notification of forthcoming audits, supplier checklists for supplier audits, and new audit templates. Attachments such as pictures, files, documents, or multimedia additions are easily incorporated, and document encryption assures secure delivery of documents from the server to the PC.

Many of the newest enhancements are those found in the enterprise Quality Workbench Professional. Quality Workbench helps smaller organizations manage their quality systems. It can be used in compliance efforts, for statutory regulations such as health, safety, and environmental as well as for support of quality management systems such as ISO and QS. Document review processes become efficient with Quality Workbench, since the software helps organizations manage the creation, revision, and distribution of all documents.

A maintenance plan agreement assures customers access to all regular maintenance upgrades to the program.

Quality Workbench helps organizations:

Manage the creation, revision, and distribution of all documents in a secure environment

Facilitate planning, scheduling, and conducting internal and external system audits

Address customer complaints quickly by making them immediately accessible to those who can respond to them

Pinpoint problem areas and tracks recurring issues to make improvements

View issued documents through any Internet browser

Maintain complete current training records for employees, so a manager can know at a glance when new training needs arise.

Versatile in other ways as well, Quality Workbench can be run as a stand-alone, single-user product or as a multi-user, networked system. While it is a true client/server product, the installation is straightforward, resulting in a low-maintenance, low-overhead system, according to PQ Systems product manager Joe Paulos.

The program, developed by IdeaGen, Ltd., a UK-based firm in Matlock, England, is distributed in the U.S. by PQ Systems. Full technical support for the product is provided by PQ Systems' technical support team.

Learn more about Quality Workbench at our web site.

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