Vol. 8, No. 2

February 2006

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Six Sigma

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Quality Quiz:

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Frustrated by his bosses, Marsha Mallow and Maura Thesame, Phillip D. Tank has asked for a transfer from the butter packaging plant at Natural Dairy Product. Allie Katt, another quality technician who has been promoted from litter control, takes over where Phillip left off, charting sticks of butter from a processing line on an X-bar and R chart.

A new packaging line has been added, so Allie decides to chart the output of this process in order to apply her newly acquired SPC skills to a manageable project. She produces the following chart:

Examining it for points outside the control limits, Allie Catt is delighted to see that there are no points outside the control limits so she concludes the process is in control, and is eager to show Marsha and Maura the output from her charting efforts. What response is she likely to get?

a) They will share her excitement about the new packaging process line, since it is indeed stable (in control).

b) They will know something is wrong, but not be able to put their fingers on the exact source of the problem.

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