Vol. 8, No. 2

February 2006

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Data in everyday life

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Bytes and pieces:
Quality reports

Hospital accreditation in India will be based on U.S. model.
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Process engineers look at global warming: In order to control a process, one must first understand it.
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Over-the-web training: “Beyond Excel: Easy SPC Charting Webinar”, a 90-minute training seminar, will be offered on February 21 at 11:00 EST.
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SPC in Australia: A 3-hour seminar that specifically addresses the SPC requirements of managers who are currently using Excel, Access, or other databases for data analysis will be held on March 7 in Melbourne. To learn more, visit

Gauge Management in England: A 3-hour seminar that specifically addresses the requirements of quality professionals who are responsible for their organisations' measurement devices will be held on 3 March in Maindenhead. To learn more, visit

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