Vol. 8, No. 1

January 2006

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Quality Quiz:

Phillip D. Tank continues to work hard to insinuate himself into the graces of his bosses, Marsha Mallow and Maura Thesame. He is producing five quarter-pound butter sticks at a time at National Dairy Products, and has determined that he should undertake an X-bar and R chart in order to demonstrate the improvement he is certain has taken place in the process since he took it over.

A colleague, Hammond Eggs, advises him to adjust the process up if he gets an X-bar that is low or down if he gets an X-bar that is high in order to be certain of improvement, so he monitors the butter packaging line and does just that. The ensuing chart shows that all the X-bars are below the upper control limit and above the lower control limit, indicating a stable process.

As he shows the chart to his bosses, anticipating their approval and perhaps even a raise, can he expect either?

a) Yes.

b) No.

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