Vol. 8, No. 1

January 2006

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Easy online training
At-your-desk training offers efficient learning

PQ Systems has announced development of on-line training sessions that will bring software instruction to the desktop.

A half-day seminar,"Beyond Excel: Easy SPC Charting," has brought hands-on training in creating charts from Excel and other programs to thousands who have attended the popular seminar in recent years. Now, the same learning has been developed for on-line instruction in a "webinar" that will reduce customer costs and enhance the immediacy of learning, according to marketing manager Beth Savage.

"With increased demands for productivity, organizations find that off-site training mitigates against efficient use of resources," Savage points out. Electronic training can be accessed at convenient times, without the need to leave one's desk.

"Beyond Excel" provides instruction in generating process performance charts and performing statistical analysis with CHARTrunner. CHARTrunner charts data that has been collected, stored, and managed by Microsoft Excel as well as Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server, and more.

Because the webinar will be accessible on desktop computers, the training can be made available for one user or for more, facilitating training of many employees at once. In addition, it can provide a resource for those who are charting data throughout an organization.

The first Beyond Excel webinar will take place on January 31. Experienced trainers Brad Platzer and Matt Savage will lead the session, scheduled from 11 am to 12:30 pm EST. Seminar participation will be limited. Fee for the webinar participation is $49, Savage says. Future training dates will be announced on the PQ Systems website, www.pqsystems.com

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