Vol. 7, No. 12

December 2005

PQ Systems

DOEpack EZ release

Quality Quiz: With a video!

Six Sigma

Data in everyday life

Bytes and pieces

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Quality Quiz:

Phillip D. Tank, quality technician, represents the newest threat to Marsha Mallow's and Maura Thesame's reputation as statistical experts, especially since he has his eye on their job. He recognizes the limitations of their understanding, and feels quite smug about his own statistical prowess.

Throwing his control chart on Marsha's desk, Phillip asks for her evaluation of the data. Maura, looking over Marsha's shoulder, sees that most of the X-bars () are close to the process average (), and nods her head when Marsha congratulates Phillip for producing a stable process, with all data points in control.

Evaluating this chart for yourself, would you concur with Marsha's analysis?

a) Yes. This is a straightforward chart, reflecting a stable process.

b) No. Phillip is playing games with his chart.

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