Vol. 7, No. 12

December 2005

PQ Systems

DOEpack EZ release

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DOEpack EZ release
'Dig deeper' in analysis with the latest version

A new release of DOEpack, a program that supports experimental design and underpins Six Sigma efforts, facilitates deeper analyses with its panoply of new features. Those who want to "dig deep" to solve problems will find that DOEpack EZ 4.0 will help them do just that.

Expanded study analysis, both within and across studies, can be displayed in multi-chart format for quick analysis and comparison, and DOEpack EZ can manage multiple responses simultaneously with scatter plots and desirability analysis as well.

Jeff Aughton, a member of the PQ Systems development team in its England office, has led the effort to broaden the program’s usefulness and enhance its ease of use. PQ Systems consultant Gordon K. Constable, Ph.D., is a principal participant in the program’s improvement. Aughton points out that a New Experiment Wizard will guide users step by step through a new experiment, from selecting a design to running the experiment. Setting up an experiment becomes “as easy as reading a recipe.” Navigation, too, is easy—hence the product’s ‘EZ’ designation.

Situations involving the "right" mix of component parts create special problems for experimental design, since the factors are constrained in that they must sum to 1 (or 100%). DOEpack EZ includes popular mixture designs such as Simplex and Simplex-Centroid to facilitate this analysis. Two- and 3-factor contour plots complement these designs. The program also offers regression analysis, scanning all possible regression equations and selecting the best one for a given experiment, thus saving time and resources that might be invested in running multiple regression analyses.

An advantage of two-level designs lies in the reduction in runs required to complete a study. A corresponding disadvantage is that of determining whether the factor has a linear or non-linear effect. DOEpack EZ uses center and axial points to test for linearity with a minimal amount of additional experimentation. Small amounts of data can be tested for linearity to determine the viability of conducting follow-up experiments—again, saving resources that would be expended in running several experiements.

PQ Systems is an industry leader in statistical process control (SPC) and quality management software. The company also offers training for SPC, measurement systems analysis, and quality improvement, as well as materials to support this training and provide statistical and problem-solving tools.

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