Vol. 7, No. 10

October 2005

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Real-time charting with SQCpack EZ

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Real-time charting featured with SQCpack EZ
SQCpack EZ makes real-time charting easy and effective

Real-time charting, combined with e-mail notification, offers immediate updates of charts, as well as ways to alert those who need to know about process changes. SQCpack EZ makes real-time charting easy and effective, and yet some users may not be taking full advantage of this critical feature in the software to assure continued product improvement.

With SQCpack EZ, an operator can get immediate feedback from a process, monitoring the chart from that process as data updates automatically. When a process is unstable or out of control, feedback can come in a variety of forms, from simply displaying the chart in a different color to call attention to the change, to prompting the user to enter a cause or note, or displaying a document or image indicating what needs to be done to bring a process into control.

Real-time charting is especially essential to fast-paced processes such as those inherent in manufacturing. The program can be tailored to send specific e-mail messages to those who need to know when a process has changed. Without real-time charting, managers would need to check on the process constantly to determine if a change has ensued, potentially missing the opportunity to improve a process before creating scrap or defective products.

Different managers may receive e-mail messages alerting them to changes in specific characteristics, for example. “If one manager is more interested in one characteristic—for example, tare weight--than in other characteristics, he or she can be alerted by e-mail when only data related to tare weight changes,” according to technical support analyst Joe Paulos. This manager may be down the hall or across the world, but will receive the e-mail alert regardless of location. The e-mail messages can include information not only about who in the organization had the alarm, but also indications about the database, group, and characteristic that has triggered the alarm.

“We don’t get many questions about real-time charting,” Paulos says, attributing this to the feature’s ease of use. This silence about the feature, however, makes him wonder whether real-time charting is indeed being utilized to its fullest extent to bring improvement to processes and products. “Getting the most out of SQCpack means knowing about all of the features that can help an individual customer,” he points out.

And one of those features brings the advantage of real-time charting. Let us know how this feature is working for you.

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