Vol. 7, No. 9

September 2005

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Tearing your hair out with follow-up software support?
We are here to help

If you buy a new pair of skis, the ski shop will provide a list of nearby ski instructors to help you. When you buy paint, you’ll find painters’ business cards on the store’s bulletin board. But if you buy software, you are often left to figure things out for yourself. (“That’s what help files are for” is a mantra for some.)

Or you may find yourself in a “press 1…”, “press 2…” endless cycle of recorded messages that do not relate to your specific need. (“All I wanted to do was find out if the packaging was recyclable,” one customer told us about a product he had purchased. “I ended up hanging up, since none of the recorded messages led me to someone who could respond.”)

PQ Systems is different.

While its products are known for being easy to use right out of the box, customers sometimes have questions related to statistical concepts or specific program features.
Examples of questions raised by customers:

  1. If I need to change my specifications, will the statistics automatically update?
  2. How can I use a gage to send data automatically?
  3. What do I need to do in order to use GAGEpack on a second PC?
  4. I’ve installed CHARTrunner 2.0, but CHARTrunner-XL is still using version 1.7. How can I update this to 2.0?
  5. I created a report, but I’m not getting the statistics that I expected for last month. What’s the problem?

Getting those questions answered is easy, with a variety of approaches to support available.

Live technical support and assistance is immediately available to those who have our software maintenance agreement. By “immediately,” we mean that in 2005, 89 percent of phone calls are answered by a member of our tech support team, ready to help. If they are all busy, your call will be returned within an average of 10 minutes. “We chart daily data with a click of the mouse,” says team leader Matt Savage. “We’ve been able to maintain our callback rate at this level in spite of new demands on team members.” These new demands include supporting a wider range of products, answering questions about installation for new releases, and walking customers through sometimes-complex statistical challenges.

On-line help files for all software programs give you answers to frequently-asked questions with just a click of the mouse. If you need more explanation, print documentation offers a reference to all software features.

Quality Advisor, our on-line knowledge base, is a library of articles related to SPC basics (control charts, sampling, SPC terms, etc), process control charts, capability analysis, gage R&R and measurement systems, and more.

Quality Advisor forums give you an opportunity to post questions or comments about anything related to your use of our software, application of statistical concepts, gage management strategies, and more. Our panel of experts will respond to your posted comments.

Regularly-scheduled training sessions, scheduled in Dayton and in cities across the country, offer in-depth learning about specific products. “Beyond Excel: Easy SPC Charting,” for example, helps participants learn how to chart spreadsheet and database data with immediate, up-to-the-minute charts in CHARTrunner.

Maintenance agreements that are available from the time you purchase the software not only assure access to the technical support team for immediate assistance, but they also provide you with copies of all updates of the product as they emerge.

Whatever your question might be, you can rest assured that PQ Systems will get an answer for you.

And by the way, our packaging is recyclable.

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