Quality eLine Newsletter
June 2005
Vol. 7, No. 06

GAGEpack EZ 6.5 takes the headache out of maintenance

Just what you need to respond to ISO 9001:2000 standards relating to preventive maintenance processes—software that will keep track of these processes. The newest version of GAGEpack EZ 6.5 has a fully-functional maintenance scheduling and reporting capability, making gage maintenance a snap.

Key requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standards are stated in 6.3, Infrastructure: “The organization shall determine, provide, and maintain the infrastructure needed to achieve conformity to product requirements. Infrastructure includes, as applicable:

a) buildings, workspace, and associated utilities
b) process equipment (both hardware and software)"

“Process equipment,” of course, includes all gage calibration maintenance, since gages and other measurement devices represent an integral part of infrastructure and underpin an organization’s quality efforts.

Infrastructure maintenance can be a nightmare at worst, a headache at best. Now, organizations can keep all gage maintenance records in one easy place by using GAGEpack EZ. A printable calendar that offers three view formats--day, week, month--can be scrolled backward and forward to display adjacent time periods. All maintenance activities, from simple battery replacement to major gage refurbishing, may be scheduled, and information relating to these activities is accessible with the touch of a keyboard.

For each of the scheduled functions (calibration, R&R, and maintenance), the software offers a procedures tab that allows text to be entered or pasted in. A user can link to a file that contains information relevant to the activity, and can view both the procedure and the file at the time a maintenance event is being recorded, thereby assuring accurate completion of the task. By clicking on the maintenance due date event in either the day or week view of the calendar, a maintenance event can be brought up for any specific gage and the event added to the gage history.

A number of different reports relating to the maintenance function can be generated. The Due for Maintenance reports allow viewing information by gage number, location, or gage type, as well as by day, month, or other time period. Overdue maintenance reports make it possible to display overdue gages on the screen when GAGEpack is opened.

Cost and time information can be entered and will be summarized in several summary maintenance activity reports. These reports can be used to help determine whether to change the preventive maintenance period or to replace the gage as wear is indicated. GAGEpack EZ offers a drag-and-drop report wizard that can be used to build reports or modify existing reports.

The headache of gage maintenance record-keeping just got better. GAGEpack EZ 6.5 will solve the challenge of keeping up with ISO9001:2000 standards and make gage maintenance processes easier to manage.

To download a fully-functioning version of GAGEpack EZ 6.5, visit www.gagepack.com

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