Quality eLine Newsletter
May 2005
Vol. 7, No. 05

Habla SPC? Software is not just in English anymore

With customers using PQ Systems’ software throughout the world, translations of software programs into Chinese, Spanish, German, and Italian have given new meaning to the term “easy to use.”

GAGEpack, for example, is available in Italian and Spanish versions, as well as Chinese. Victor Yeo, a PQ Systems product distributor in Singapore who serves customers throughout Asia, expressed a wish for a Chinese version of GAGEpack last year, setting into motion the process of making the software available in simplified Chinese, in order to reach as many Chinese organizations as possible. PQ Systems Australia technical support analyst John Hancorne arranged for the translation through a contact in Australia. “The critical combination is a knowledge of measurement systems analysis and fluency in Chinese,” he says. Technical support questions are directed to Yeo, who has both.

Technical aspects of the translation process were verified by Jeff Aughton, PQ Systems Europe managing director, and Steve Daum, development manager in Dayton, then checked by a group of Chinese customers and given a thumbs-up for success. The next translation focus, says Ian Rooney of PQ Systems Australia, will be on SQCpack, widely used in the Asian market.

The latest English version of the measurement systems analysis software will be released by May 15 as GAGEpack EZ.

Luca Bochese, a translator from Milan, Italy, speaks and translates into seven languages fluently, and understands SPC as well. He has translated GAGEpack into Italian and Spanish, and is currently working on French and German versions. Thanks to his efforts, DOEpack is available not only in English, but also in Italian, Spanish, and German. The two programs will be demonstrated at the Control exhibition in Germany next fall.

While these software programs will not be translated into Swahili or Uzbek in the near future, customers in three continents have found enhanced access to the power of SPC—in their own languages.

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