Quality eLine Newsletter
April 2005
Vol. 7, No. 04

British firm's products reflect quiet quality focus

If you drive a car or do a multitude of other everyday activities, you are no doubt using products developed by Chemical Innovations, Ltd. (CIL), (link to http://www.polycil.co.uk/) a British firm that specializes in chemical bonding products. From its Cil Bond range to Tyre Flat Proofing System, the company may be invisible, but indispensable, to a variety of activities. In its emphasis on quality, the company relies on PQ Systems’ products behind the scenes.

Chemical bonding—different from simple adhesives—involves a complex process that bonds and provides seals for automotive brakes, door seals, and other essential components. CIL is among the world’s largest organizations specializing in these products. Located in Preston, Lancashire, England, the company employs about 53 to produce several lines, from adhesives and bonding agents for rubber, plastics, metal, fabrics, glass, and ceramics, to a premier flat proofing system for industrial and off-the-road tires.

Claire Downs, quality manager for the UK company, uses CHARTrunner, GAGEpack, SQCpack, FMEA Investigator, and other PQ Systems products to develop high quality products and assure ongoing ISO registrations. Since the company deals with hazardous and toxic materials, its ISO 14001 certification is especially critical, assuring its ongoing attention to improvement of environmental impact.

"Meeting requirements of quality standards such as ISO means that CIL must be vigilant in data monitoring and analysis in every way," Claire Downs points out. The standards are not an end in themselves, but provide support to the company's own insistence on "quality, service, and innovation." Its reputation for delivering high performance coatings and urethane-based solutions is based on half a century of research and development. Among its ranges of products are Cilbond®, Monothane®, Cilcoat®, and Tyrfil®.

CIL was founded in 1959 in Preston, Lancashire, England. It is part of British Vita plc and grouped with Hyperlast Limited and Hyperlast North America.

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