Quality eLine Newsletter
December 2004
Vol. 6, No. 12

SQCpack 4.8 release enhances charting, communicating

The latest version of SQCpack, the recognized workhorse for SPC analysis, offers increased charting flexibility, plus improved ability to share charts with others via e-mail. The program is in beta-testing and will be released to production in early 2005.

Among the newest features in the release are short run SPC charts, scatter diagrams, multi-line charts, and 21 CFR 11.1 features. All charts may now be sent as e-mail, saved as web pages, and customized extensively. Some new options include three-dimensional bars, expanded out-of-control testing, improved choices for displaying data above control charts, showing values near data points, information about data within 1,2, and 3 sigma, and more control of extra lines presented on the chart. New e-mail and web page features will enhance communication about data and offer opportunities for further analysis and discussion of their significance in the quality improvement effort.

With respect to 21 CFR 11.1 compliance, the latest release offers improved user/password management, database passwords, and audit trails (with reporting capability).

"Our customers’ charting requirements have become increasingly sophisticated as they plumb the depths of data analysis. SQCpack has always led the way, and the newest features offer another demonstration of product leadership in meeting SPC needs," says development manager Steve Daum.

Training sessions to enhance understanding of the full power of this release have been scheduled for early 2005.

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