Quality eLine Newsletter
November 2004
Vol. 6, No. 11

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In this issue you will find:

Innophos: Steady commitment to quality reduces variation
Innophos, the world’s leading producer of food and industrial grade phosphates and specialized phosphoric acids used to enhance a wide range of industrial products and foodstuffs, goes way back with PQ Systems. The company’s Process In Control (PIC) initiative at the Port Maitland, Ontario, facility is an outgrowth of its long commitment to teamwork as well as its understanding of statistical process control. Read about the company’s success in reducing variation at http://pqsystems.com/eLine/2004/11/Innophos.htm

Quality Quiz: Another quiz from Professor Cleary--and last month’s winners!
Winners of last month's quiz (and a copy of Quality Gamebox) are Joe Auchey (Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission); Katrena Blackwell (Western State Hospital); David M. Little (TYCO Electronics, Inc.); Michael Nelson (Presbyterian Medical Group); and Linda Rouse (HO Bostrom Co.). Congratulations! For November’s quiz question, and a chance to win a copy of this fun, interactive teaching tool, go to Quality Quiz.

Six Sigma and More: David Schwinn reflects on jobs and passion.
Can passion save jobs? David Schwinn thinks so. In his monthly column, Schwinn looks at small businesses with leadership and employees who are dedicated to their work and passionate about their organizations. For more, visit sixsigmaandmore.htm

Data in everyday life: Where did all those turkeys go?
This CHARTrunner multi-chart shows an odd paradox: data from the US Department of Agriculture indicates increasing production and declining consumption per capita. Go figure.

Bytes and pieces:
  • Kids to conference: Kingsley Elementary School in the Sullivan County School System in Tennessee will present their highly successful and continually improving writing improvement project at the Annual Conference in Atlanta of the Southern Association of Colleges and School Council on School Accreditation on December 12 –13, 2004. Kingsley’s writing improvement project is a joint effort of the Kingsley Koalaty Kid team (sponsored by the Northeast Tennessee Section of the American Society for Quality), and the Kingsley Elementary School Improvement Planning team. Hank Somers is the ASQ representative for the school.

  • The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index held steady for the second quarter of 2004, remaining at its highest level in 10 years. The index report is produced by the University of Michigan Business School, the American Society for Quality, and the CFI group. One conclusion is that the U.S. auto industry will have to fight to keep from losing customers to foreign carmakers. http://www.qualitydigest.com/currentmag/news.shtml#2

  • Private industry and healthcare: Healthcare organizations can learn about teamwork from successful business organizations. In healthcare, the single most important ingredient for achieving patient safety is teamwork. In virtually every case of medical error — which now accounts for an estimated 100 deaths per day in U.S. hospitals, according to the Institute of Medicine — a lack of teamwork or poor communication among team members is a major contributing factor. http://www.physicianspractice.com/index.cfm?method=parent&submethod=details&article_id=573&r=p

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