Quality eLine Newsletter
July 2004
Vol. 6, No. 7

Untangling the web: Website makeover streamlines access

In an age of plastic surgery and other dramatic makeovers, another kind of transformation is taking place in website design.

Once the purview of anyone with a copy of Front Page who wanted to be a part of the web, websites have become both increasingly sophisticated and easier to use. PQ Systems has benefited from this advancing sophistication, and has recently released its own “makeover”—a fresh, crisp design with quicker access to key parts of the website.

Thanks to the design expertise of David K. Burnap Agency and the enhanced software now available to maintain websites, the PQ website has become a major workhorse in the company’s stable of customer support. “The website frees our technical support and sales teams to spend more time with customers rather than responding to frequently-asked-questions that can be posted and accessed in seconds on our web,” says PQ Systems president Michael J. Cleary, Ph.D.

"The time it takes to retrieve simple information about services, events, or updates has been reduced substantially with enhanced accessibility on the PQ website," says marketing manager Beth Savage. 'Time is today’s most valuable commodity, and we want to be sure that we serve our customers in the most efficient way."

New features of the website include sections (accessible from the home page) for healthcare professionals and K-12 educators. These include software solutions, tips, articles, and application stories specifically for these environments.

A newly-designed “store” offers customers a way to renew software maintenance contracts, purchase products, or reorder materials for training classes. Public seminar schedules, topics for on-site training, and bios of all trainers are found in the new Training section. PDF files of all software user guides are available for downloading.

One of the most useful sections of the PQ website, according to customers, is the Quality Advisor, which offers articles related to SPC, process and tools, and measurement systems analysis as well as an “Ask the expert” column to pose specific dilemmas or challenges to a staff of professional statisticians and consultants. While these experts are available by phone for those who prefer to call, their questions can often be answered quickly through the website. PQ Systems’ reputation as a provider of technical learning is sustained through this website as well as by the availability of its staff of experts for on-site consulting and training or phone dialogue.

Here are some examples of questions that can be answered quickly through the PQ website:

How do I determine which version of the software I have? http://www.pqsystems.com/support/SoftwareUpdates.php

What’s the difference between Cpk and Ppk?

What time does the Beyond Excel seminar begin?

How can I download a copy of CHARTrunner to examine?

How can I get a user guide for my software in hard copy to supplement on-line instruction?

What is short-cycle assessment, and how can I use it in the classroom?

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