Quality eLine Newsletter
May 2004
Vol. 6, No. 5

No fish tale here: Restaurant improves service with CHARTrunner
Sudie’s Catfish and Seafood Restaurants in Houston reduced time-to-table by collecting data and improving processes. Result? Happy customers. Go to chartrunner.htm

Quality Quiz: Another quiz from Professor Cleary and last month's winners!
Winners of last month's quiz (and a copy of Quality Gamebox) are Cliff Bryant (Mark Communications); Melanie Concklin (Loyola University Health Systems); Wade Dickins (Wellman, Inc.); Carol Durocher (Aurora Medical Center); Tony George (Southern Champion Tray). Congratulations! For May’s quiz question, and a chance to win a copy of this fun, interactive teaching tool, go to

Data in everyday life: Average date of final frost in selected cities
Depending on where you live, you may be planting flowers and vegetables this month. For average date of final frost, and number of days between last frost and first frost of winter, see this CHARTrunner chart

Six Sigma and More: Crucial conversations and gut reactions
This month, David Schwinn reflects on what we learned from the 70s, articulated by Gloria Steinem herself. Go to sixsigmaandmore.htm

Bytes and pieces: Information you can use:

Current versions of software: To determine the most recent version of PQ Systems’ primary software products, check Help/PQ on the web/check for updates on your program (for SQCpack 2000, GAGEpack 2000, and CHARTrunner). To review current maintenance downloads and version numbers for all PQ Systems software, go to: http://www.pqsystems.com/support/SoftwareUpdates.php

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