Quality eLine Newsletter
April 2004
Vol. 6, No. 4

CHARTrunner release offers Excel Add-in for charts
Since the days of hand-drawn, manually-calculated control charts, the job of creating and analyzing charts has become easier and easier. Now you can use a charting software program without even leaving your Excel screen, with an add-in introduced with the latest version of CHARTrunner. To learn more, go to chartrunner.htm

Quality Quiz: Another quiz from Professor Cleary and last month's winners!
Winners of last month's quiz (and a copy of Quality Gamebox) are Pauline Barnett (ARP); Allen Dembski (GE Healthcare); Steve Haas (Bulk Molding Compounds); Karla Hoare (Child Health Quality Team); and Walter Smith (Nazarene Exports, Inc.) Congratulations! For April’s quiz question, and a chance to win a copy of this fun, interactive teaching tool, go to

How does your commute compare?
New Yorkers spend an average of 6.7 years of their lives commuting to work. What are the longest commute times, and how does your trip to work compare? See this month's CHARTrunner chart created from U.S. census bureau data at chartsyoucanuse.htm

Six Sigma and More: Crucial conversations and gut reactions
This month, David Schwinn reflects on the characteristics of positive “crucial conversations,” from Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when Stakes are High (Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzer) and how these conversations are critical to Six Sigma professionals. sixsigmaandmore.htm

Bytes and pieces: Information you can use:

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